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My Experiences with Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Panic attacks can come at you out of nowhere. In this guest post, Gul takes you through what happened to…

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Facing My Demons

Looking in the mirror and what do I see?  The devil in disguise is staring back at me  Something in…

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A Day in the Life Of… an Editor

Hi, I’m Stephanie, one of the editors at Trigger. Here’s what it’s like in my role…    A brief overview…

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A Day in the Life Of… a Senior Editor

Hi, I’m Chris, the Senior Editor here at Trigger. Here’s a bit about my job …   A brief overview…

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Sapphira’s Power of Purpose

Sometimes, it’s only too easy to get overwhelmed by your thoughts. Author Sapphira found a way out of that feeling,…

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Cutting a Path Through PTSD

The term “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” (PTSD) has usually been reserved for survivors of war, plane crashes or other devastating…

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Getting into Editorial

Hey! I’m Katie, and I’m in the editorial team at Trigger. The editorial sector is very competitive, so it’s important…

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Mental Health After University

Following on from my post about mental health at university, I wanted to cover another challenging time for young people:…

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Get to Know Our Authors: Sapphira

Ever wanted to know a bit more about our authors? Now you can!  Without further ado, here’s Sapphira, upcoming author…

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Help! I’m in the Post-University Slump!

It’s September, so going on the basis of the last 18 years, you should be heading off to further your…

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