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Within the White Lines – How the Beautiful Game Saved My Life


Ruth Fox

Growing up, Ruth was on track for an ideal life – she had the grades, friends, great sporting potential and strong bond with her sister. However, at the age of 14, Ruth’s perfect life began to crack. After suffering an injury, Ruth began seeking control in other areas of her life to combat the growing feelings of depression. Having recovered physically, but not mentally, Ruth eventually quit the game she loved so much.

Things began to improve. She got good grades, and thought her days of depression were behind her. Then she relapsed.

As she battled through subsequent years, Ruth rediscovered football as a way to keep her grounded amongst the chaos that was her life. Through medications, various therapies, and a trip to the mental health hospital, it was football that she truly found meaning in.

Now an active campaigner for mental health training, especially in sport, Ruth is a proud ambassador and advisor for The Shaw Mind Foundation and Mental Health FA. In Within the White Lines, she explains how the beautiful game of football helped pull her back from the brink of suicide.

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ISBN: 9781912478606
Imprint: Trigger
On Sale in UK: 09/11/2018
On Sale in USA: 05/03/2019
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