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This Too Will Pass – Anxiety in a Professional World


Richard Martin

What happens when you have a mental breakdown? What does it to do to your marriage? Your job? Your kids? Can you ever pick up the pieces and start again? Or do you have to create a whole new life for yourself?

Richard Martin’s book answers those questions.

By all markers, Richard’s life was a success: he was happily married, a great father, and lived a fulfilling life, professionally and personally. But the pressures of a highflying legal career, his increasing social commitments, and family illness all took their toll. One evening, Richard stopped on his way home to use a cash point machine, and couldn’t remember how to use it. He sunk to the pavement, unable to hold back the tears, unable to carry on …

Richard pulls no punches in describing his breakdown and the crushing social anxiety that left him scared to even answer the front door. As his life crumbled around him, Richard fought hard to get to grips with the mental illness taking over his life.

This is his inspirational story …

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