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Liar Laurie – Breaking the Silence on Sexual Assault


Laurie Katz has always been a city girl. She thrived during her childhood in Boston, MA, and was all set to explore new places, beginning with her college experience in Chicago. Just three weeks in, however, that college experience took a sinister turn.

What had started as a fun night out ended with Laurie alone in her dorm room, struggling to even think about what had happened … she had been sexually assaulted.

Laurie set out to get justice against her attacker, but it wasn’t that simple. Dismissed by the Resident Assistant at college, failed by the dean of students, and warned that she was facing expulsion from her course, Laurie was running out of options – and then her attacker filed his own case.

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ISBN: 9781912478750
Imprint: Trigger
On Sale in UK:  29/01/19
On Sale in USA: 28/03/19
Format: Paperback
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