Brilliant book on body image problems!
BDD is not a vanity issue. This book hit the nail on the head!
Very insightful
I don’t read many non-fiction books but I’m so glad this is one I did read. It’s so well-written with an excellent balance of information and insight from the authors.
This should be required reading
Reading Chloe’s story, I’ve been struck by just how widespread body image problems are in our society. I’m so grateful that books like this are now available – if only it could be required reading in our schools, I think it would help a lot of people.


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Body Image Problems and Body Dysmorphic Disorder. The Definitive Treatment and Recovery Approach.


From the heart and soul of mental health sufferer, Chloe Catchpole, and the expert minds of the talented, clinical psychologists, Lauren Callaghan and Dr. Annemarie O’Connor, this book is divided into two helpful, cohesive parts.

In Part I we follow Chloe Catchpole’s desperate struggle with her body dissatisfaction, BDD, and depression. We learn how body dysmorphia tore her life apart, turning a happy, sociable young girl into someone who hid herself away from the world. She was so afraid of being seen in public that she dropped out of school and became a prisoner in her own bedroom. It wasn’t until Chloe met clinical psychologists Lauren Callaghan and Annemarie O’Connor that she started to believe recovery was possible. With their help, she learned about the illness that was dominating her life and learned effective strategies to challenge and overcome her BDD.

Part II Lauren and Annemarie guide us through the treatment and recovery approach that they used with Chloe. It is a user-friendly, evidence-based approach which supports people suffering from body image issues and BDD as they go through the treatment process, liberating them from their body image concerns.

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