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Doing Single Well – A Guide to Living, Loving and Dating Without Compromise


Being single is viewed in our society much like unemployment – some people consider it unfortunate, while for others it borders on being socially unacceptable.

Women are bombarded with advice of how to meet Mr Right, or understand him better, in the hopes that their sorry single state can be relieved.

This book is different. Doing Single Well aims to support, validate and encourage single women to stay true to themselves and their feelings.

It will address, from a psychological framework, the feelings of loneliness, rejection, lack of belonging, depression and anxiety that are often associated with being single and will offer practical exercises to achieve happiness and self-confidence, whatever your relationship status.

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ISBN: 9781912478057
Imprint: Trigger
On Sale in UK: 08/05/2018
On Sale in USA: 22/08/2018
Format: Paperback
Pages: Approx. 226