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Depression in a Digital Age – The Highs and Lows of Perfectionism


Fiona Thomas 

Fiona was your average 80’s baby. She grew up without an iPhone, used actual landlines to make calls, and didn’t have the luxury (or perhaps the curse) of Facebook during her adolescent years. But though her childhood took place in an analogue world, she found herself suffering from the same problems many young people face today; the race for perfectionism, high levels of anxiety, a fear of success.

After an unfulfilling university experience, a stressful beginning in a management career, and a severe case of impostor syndrome, Fiona suffered a nervous breakdown in her mid-twenties. Amongst therapy and medication, it was the online community which gave Fiona the comfort she needed to recover.

Fiona traces her life dealing with anxiety and the subsequent depression, and how a digital life helped her find her community, find her voice, find herself.

Fiona remains an active blogger, writer and influencer in the mental health community. She has written for Mind, Heads Together, Healthline, Metro and The Huffington Post. In an increasingly heated discussion about mental health and the internet, Fiona offers a different, positive perspective.

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