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Breakdown and Repair – A Father’s Tale of Stress and Success


Mark Simmonds’s life was mapped out from the very beginning: go to university, climb the corporate ladder, marry and have children. But life isn’t so easy, and success is hard to manage. After spending years trying to ignore the pressures of his job, Mark finally succumbed to them, leading to his nervous breakdown.

Faced with the reality he had tried so hard to escape, Mark did something he never thought he’d do: he stepped back from his work to focus on himself. But then his world fell apart for a second time when his daughter, Emily, became anorexic.

Finding strength he never knew he had, Mark fought alongside Emily, both lost, both scared, but finding solace in one other.

Breakdown and Repair tells the touching tale of a father saving himself by saving his daughter.

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ISBN: 9781912478996
Imprint: Trigger
On Sale in UK:  26/03/19
On Sale in USA: 14/05/19
Format: Paperback
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