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Acquired Brain Injury and Mental Health


It’s terrifying how quickly your life can be turned upside down … Riding home on his motorbike from his job as an RAF mechanic, Karl Andrews was struck by a car and thrown 20-feet across the road. The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

Unconscious and barely alive, Karl was airlifted to hospital. The paramedics didn’t think he’d survive the journey.

Somehow, Karl did survive. His injuries were horrific, and the bodily rehabilitation stretched from months into years. But the mental rehabilitation is still ongoing … Karl suffered such a massive head trauma that he lost his long and short-term memories. With the support of his therapist, Karl started piecing his life and his memories back together. But it has been arduous work.

Before the crash, Karl and his partner, Amy, separated. But it was Amy who came to his hospital bedside after the crash. When his memories came back, Karl couldn’t even remember that they’d split up! This is Amy’s story as much as it is Karl’s.

Some of Karl’s memories will never return. So how do you cope when the memories, events and occasions that helped define you are taken away? That is a question that Karl has been facing up to ever since.

Pulling the Trigger: Acquired Brain Injuries and Mental Health tells Karl’s story and explores the techniques his therapist has used to help him readjust to daily life. This is an inspiring story in its own right, but with its practical advice and insights, it also serves as a tool for helping people readjust to a life that has been changed following an acquired brain injury.

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ISBN: 9781911246930
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