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A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes – Naming And Shaming Mental Health Stigmas


Lucy Nichol

From a young age, Lucy Nichol has always been on edge. Whether it’s because of her fear of beards, a general sense that she can catch a disease from anything, or the belief that she’s going to throw up at any given moment, she’s never really felt safe.

In A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes, Lucy explores the different lenses through which she – and other people – have viewed her mental health problems. She tackles a number of different stereotypes placed on people living with mental illness, including the idea that they are narcissists, hypochondriacs, and psychos.

After writing a blog post about her journey, Lucy realised that she wasn’t alone in feeling this way. And so she began to talk more about her experience, eventually becoming a columnist in Sarah Millican’s magazine Standard Issue. In writing about her life in such an open way, Lucy has been able to claw herself back from the grips of her anxiety.

A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes is one of the most fortunate things you could read!

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ISBN: 9781911246657
Imprint: Trigger
On Sale in UK: 19/02/2018
On Sale in USA: 04/06/2018
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160

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