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When we started out in 2016 with our first book, we chose the name Trigger Press, because we believed that our authors and readers needed to ‘pull the trigger’ on their mental health issues. We didn’t want them to avoid the triggers that negatively impacted their mental health; we wanted them to accept, embrace and learn to control those things and to talk about them openly.

Of course, none of that has changed. But we’re excited to announce that our name has; we are now simply to be known as Trigger.

Dropping “Press” from our name has been a small but important move for us. For publishing reasons (sometimes, we were mistaken for an academic publisher), for sales and marketing reasons (people mostly gravitate towards “Trigger”), and purely for aesthetical reasons (Trigger is bold and modern). The change to Trigger reflects the kind of publisher we are; driven by our authors and readers, being cutting-edge and delivering a unique brand of publishing, eager to reach as many minds as possible, and wanting to affect change on a global scale around mental health.

You’ll notice this change across all our social media channels, websites, marketing, and emails starting today. But don’t worry – our Trigger Press emails still work, and our old website will redirect you to our new one. After all, we wouldn’t want you to lose track of us!

We might be too young to say this is the start of a new era, but we can say it is the start of an even bigger and brighter future for Trigger.

We love that you’ll continue to join us on this journey at and @Triggerpub

– The Trigger Team

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