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Our brilliant author, Debbie, is full of words of wisdom! She’s picked out some of her favourite quotes from her memoir, Sex, Suicide and Serotonin, to start your 2019 off right.

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Want to see more from Debbie? Find out about her amazing recovery in Sex, Suicide and Serotonin, available from Trigger.

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When Debbie Hampton took the mix of wine and drugs that nearly killed her, she didn’t ever want to wake up. After years of wrong turns, and facing the end of an acrimonious marriage, she was desperate for the disappointments of life to end. But Debbie did wake up. Strapped to a hospital bed, she was critically ill, but alive. Debbie had ingested over 90 pills, including ten different prescription drugs – causing massive, lasting damage to her brain and body. Debbie had to re-learn how to eat, how to speak, and how to fit back into society.

Separated from her two young children, Debbie’s problems were only just beginning. Faced with a long and arduous custody battle, she had to discover a new way of living.

In this book, Debbie tells the heart-breaking story of how life wore her down, but how, through her own resolve, courage and commitment, she forged a new life for herself. The lessons she has learned in life will be an inspiration to everyone.



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