Hope Virgo

At age 17, Hope Virgo was on the verge of death. Her weight was falling fast, and her heart was failing. The cause?


Over the next year in hospital, Hope slowly regained control over her life. She started to gain a healthier relationship with food and came out of hospital stronger. But can anorexia ever really be cured?

Over the next few years, anorexia crept up on her again and again, but every time, Hope found the strength to beat it. And now, seven years later, Hope has told her incredible story to Trigger Press.

Stand Tall Little Girl is the first book in our Inspirational range, and tells the extraordinary real-life account of what living with anorexia is really like. Hope’s honesty has helped lift the veil of secrecy, helping thousands of teenagers (and their parents) understand the truth about anorexia.

Hope is now a keen advocate of better mental health awareness for all. Since the release of her book, she has been much in demand at schools and mental health events, and has made many UK radio and TV appearances.

At the height of her anorexia, Hope exercised to excess, calorie counted everything she ate, and vomited up her food. Now, she is still a keen marathon runner, but has come to enjoy a much healthier relationship with food. Now at last, Hope can relax and enjoy what she eats, without the spectre of anorexia ruining her life.

Stand Tall Little Girl is a truly inspiring story that will bring hope and courage to people all over the world. And Hope Virgo is a true champion of mental health issues, and a wonderful advocate for Trigger Press.