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Want to Write a Guest Blog for Us? Read this First


Guest Blog Post Submission Guidelines

We publish blogs that show how people have coped with the reality of mental illness, and how they have led their lives. We want to show people suffering with mental health conditions that recovery is attainable. Do you think you can provide that inspiration?

If you have a story to tell about your own experience with mental illness, or the experience of a loved one that you don’t feel is right for a full-length book, we still want to hear about it! We’re welcoming guest blogs and blog series to publish on our website.

• Your submission must be between 750-1200 words
• It must be sourced and referenced correctly (hyperlinks or footnotes)
• Remember that you will have to explain the details of your blog posts – your readers might not understand your point otherwise!
• It must be accessible to readers; it shouldn’t be too academic! Try to write your story in your own voice.
• Avoid being overly critical of others.

Please send your submissions to us at We will let you know when we have received it.

We do receive quite a few submissions, so we can’t give you a definite timeframe for a more detailed response, but we will try to get back to you within eight weeks.

Inevitably, we can’t publish every submission that we receive. It might be that your story isn’t quite right for us at the moment, or perhaps we might already have a similar blog up.

Trigger is growing fast, but we are still a charity. Our primary aim is to help people whose lives have been affected by mental illness. We want to help you spread awareness, and we will invest time into promoting your story across our social media.

– The Trigger Team

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