Gemma Cribb

Gemma Cribb (B Psych (hons), M Psychol (Clin)) is a Clinical Psychologist working in private practice in Sydney Australia. She is an avid learner and has trained in many therapeutic approaches. Gemma has specialised in couples’ therapy, relationships and sexuality. In the last ten years of treating people in Sydney’s CBD, she has become particularly interested in the plight of single women.

As a happily single woman herself she became interested in what it took to ‘Do Single Well’ and enjoy single life despite the pessimistic views often encountered in the media and with concerned friends and family. To this end she began a blog addressing the most common areas single women struggle with, and academic research in the area.

Outside of blogging (, her clinical work and whatever crazy thing she is currently studying, you would generally find her at yoga, on a date, going for long walks between café’s or out for a wine with her friends.