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Mantras to See You Through The New Year



Our inspirational author, Gemma Bell, knows a thing or two about picking yourself back up and keeping on going! We asked her to tell us what her favourite mantras are so you can use them too!





running-with-robinsWant to read Gemma’s inspirational story? Read Running with Robins! Here’s a sneak preview …

Gemma Bell lived healthily and happily with her family until her life was thrown into turmoil. While she was still school-age, Gemma’s dad died from cancer.

Losing her dad at such an early age had a profound effect on Gemma, and she became desperate to find a way of reconnecting with his memory. Inspired by her dad’s love of running, Gemma started to follow in his footsteps. But it wasn’t long until the running took over her life …

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