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What to Expect When Doing Work Experience in Editorial!


Hello! I’m Jen, a work experience student at Trigger. Here’s a little more about what I’ve been doing…


Give us a brief overview of your job details.

Other than finding a way to channel my jealousy of the work the editors here at Trigger do, I have had the opportunity over the week to read submissions, edit small texts such as emails and blog posts, and try my hand at market research.

Why did you choose that role/how did you get into it?

I knew that I wanted to work in publishing before starting university, and became particularly interested in editorial roles. I have a love of words and am the “go-to” editor of all my friends’ important emails or applications. As a student, I all too regularly hear the horror stories about graduates that finally get the job of their dreams, only to realise it wasn’t quite what they thought it would be and that they were back to square one career-wise. We all dread having to give a ‘no comment’ answer when asked what we plan on doing once we graduate! Gaining experience in the field has been the best way to consolidate my goals.

Give us a brief description of your typical day.

Typically, my days have started with a brief chat about what I can/would like to do, which ends in being sent an email bursting with attachments – things to read, things to edit. If there’s an office meeting, I am invited to sit in. This might be about using new software or even a cover briefing with the graphics team. From here on, I get the freedom to work through the email attachments in whichever order I like!

What are your favourite aspects of your experience? Why?

It’s rare in life that I get the opportunity to spend a whole day (uninterrupted) reading. I’ve been living the dream! I’ve also been lucky enough to read some great submissions – it’s exciting to be able to read the beginnings of something that might become an amazing novel.

If you dare, your least favourite parts…

The heat! Its been the hottest week so far this year, even with the army of electric fans that has descended on the office to combat it.

Advice for people looking to get experience in publishing in general.

Keep trying! As a student just finishing my first year at university, editorial experience/ internships have been hard to come by – most require you to be in your penultimate year of study or have already graduated. I found that the positive responses I received were from small, indie publishers that I wrote to, out of the blue, on the off-chance that they might let me hang around for a week. These are likely the best places to start, especially if you want an idea of the whole publishing process, which is a lot easier to see if everyone is in the same office!


– Jen Radford

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