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On Being Judged

            When I was delivering courses and seminars during my international training career, (1987 – 2011), the client usually wanted…

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Karen Manton: Writing My Story

Getting started I had known for many years that I had a story to tell. I knew that what I…

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The Share: Why I’m Writing

A few days ago, I returned to the rehab where I spent six months of my life sweating out feelings…

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I Hit a Wall Yesterday

Literally.   I was driving along the slope into the car park yesterday afternoon, when a message notification popped up…

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When we started out in 2016 with our first book, we chose the name Trigger Press, because we believed that…

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Why Sharing My Sadness Online Makes Me Happier in the Long Run

As children, we are always told to be seen and not heard, and I was always a quiet child. I…

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Want to Write a Guest Blog for Us? Read this First

Guest Blog Post Submission Guidelines We publish blogs that show how people have coped with the reality of mental illness,…

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How to Write a Memoir Without Alienating Friends and Family

So you want to write a warts-and-all account of your mental health journey? Great. Thing is, it’s rare that anyone…

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The journey a submission goes through

If you’re not involved in the process of publishing a book, whether that be from the side of the author…

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The different roles in publishing

To those outside of the industry, publishing can often seem rather daunting. To some, it might only appear to be…

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