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Life Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Good

When the air gets that crisp edge, the leaves proudly display almost-neon reds, yellows, and oranges, and I finally get…

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Life is Amazing

Life, along with the world in which we live, is amazing. It’s a statement that arguably we cannot deny, even…

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How to Do Nothing on World Mental Health Day

I have been stressed out helping others to not be stressed out. Contacting journalists, media pitches, blog posts, proposals to…

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Help! I’m in the Post-University Slump!

It’s September, so going on the basis of the last 18 years, you should be heading off to further your…

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Mental Health at University

My time at university was incredible and I have so many happy memories, but back then, my knowledge of mental…

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A Fresher’s Guide to Mental Health at Uni

It’s September, which means students up and down the country are heading back to uni – some for the very…

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If Albus Dumbledore believed that love was the answer, then I believe in time.   A measure of time can…

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Making Time to Play

When play emerged as one of the goalposts for wholehearted living in Brené Brown’s research, she was so disconnected from…

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15 Things to Remember During Recovery

Our books are truly inspirational! We’ve rounded up 15 things to remember during recovery with help from our wonderful authors……

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