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A Day in the Life Of… a Marketing Executive

Hi! I’m Elise, the Marketing Executive here at Trigger (and our parent charity, The Shaw Mind Foundation!). A brief overview…

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What to Expect When Doing Work Experience in Editorial!

Hello! I’m Jen, a work experience student at Trigger. Here’s a little more about what I’ve been doing…   Give…

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A Day in the Life Of… a Publishing Coordinator

Hiya, I’m Hannah and I’m the Publishing Coordinator at Trigger! If you want to know a little about what I…

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A Day in the Life Of… an Editorial Assistant

Hi everyone! I’m Katie, the editorial assistant here at Trigger. Here’s a very special insight into what I do for…

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The journey a submission goes through

If you’re not involved in the process of publishing a book, whether that be from the side of the author…

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The different roles in publishing

To those outside of the industry, publishing can often seem rather daunting. To some, it might only appear to be…

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