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 A Sense of Purpose

The global population is estimated to be close to eight billion and growing. About one hundred billion people have gone…

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My Experiences with Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Panic attacks can come at you out of nowhere. In this guest post, Gul takes you through what happened to…

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Positive People

There is no doubt that, when you feel confined by mental illness, you either want to latch onto people who…

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On Being Judged

            When I was delivering courses and seminars during my international training career, (1987 – 2011), the client usually wanted…

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Life is Amazing

Life, along with the world in which we live, is amazing. It’s a statement that arguably we cannot deny, even…

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My Response to #MHAD18

On the 10th of October I was, as per usual, scrolling through my social media. I was, of course, met…

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Cutting a Path Through PTSD

The term “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” (PTSD) has usually been reserved for survivors of war, plane crashes or other devastating…

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Mental Health After University

Following on from my post about mental health at university, I wanted to cover another challenging time for young people:…

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Take One Bite

In first grade music class, Trent Smith refused to partner with me for the “Oh, Belinda” square dance. ‘You’re fat,’…

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My Journey of Ongoing Conditions

Trigger Warning: This post contains reference to suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, overdosing, and self-harm.   My whole brain gave up one…

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