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Geek Magnifique - Finding the Logic in My OCD
by Melissa Boyle

What might you have seen if you look at Melissa Boyle as a young child? Loving parents, smiling child, happiness. At least, that was what you saw from the outside. Inside, there was poison; constant change, conflicts with her parents, and an abuse that never really ended.

As Melissa grows, she becomes foul to the creature of anxiety, which manifests itself in emetophobia; a fear of vomiting. She grapples with this, with her history, and the fears she now has; will she ever be a good wife? Will she ever be a good parent? Will she ever be a good person?

Geek Magnifique traces Melissa’s path through life, through the recovery of therapy, to where she stands tall today.

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OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Related Depression.

The Definitive Survival and Recovery Approach.

Anxiety, Worry, OCD & Panic Attacks.

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The Inspirational Series

Geek Magnifique

Finding the Logic in my OCD - Melissa Boyle

Released UK: 6th Dec 2018
Released US: 11th Feb 2019

Sound Mind

My Bipolar Journey from Chaos to Composure - Erika Nielsen

Released UK: 27th Nov 2018
Released US: 26th Mar 2019

Depression in a Digital Age

The Highs and Lows of Perfectionism - Fiona Thomas

Released UK: 20th Nov 2018
Released US: 6th Mar 2019

Beautiful Chaos

A Life Worth Living with Bipolar - Ali Douglas

Within the White Lines

How the Beautiful Game Saved My Life - Ruth Fox

This Too Will Pass

Anxiety in a Professional World - Richard Martin


Learning to Live Beyond Diagnosis - Alexis Quinn

Man Up Man Down

Standing Up to Suicide - Paul McGregor

Stronger. Braver. Wiser.

How My #metoo Story Helped Me Thrive - Jennifer Potter

Burlesque or Bust

Bringing My Mental Health to Heel - Sapphira

Every Trich in the Book

Overcoming my Hair Pulling Disorder - Cara Ward

Stripped Bare

Swapping Credit for Compassion - Sharon Bull

Stress in the City

Playing my Way Out of Depression - Enoch Li

Running with Robins

Bereaved, not Broken - Gemma Bell

Sex, Suicide and Serotonin

Taking Myself Apart, Putting Myself Back Together - Debbie Hampton

Daddy Blues

Postnatal Depression and Fatherhood - Mark Williams

"Dads CAN have postnatal depression and my story proves it! I've dedicated my life to supporting fathers everywhere by starting International Fathers' Mental Health Day."

Love and Remission

My Life, My Man, My Cancer - Annie Belasco

"I was on the hunt for a man. I wanted to settle down, have children, buy a house; in other words, be a normal Essex girl. But then one day, I felt a lump."

Must Try Harder

Adventures in Anxiety- Paula McGuire

"On publication day, I'll be diving into the biggest challenge of my life and will swim around the whole of the UK! Read my story to see how I'm keeping my courage afloat."

Teacup in a Storm

Finding My Psychiatrist
- Tova Feinman

"The bond between patient and psychiatrist can be intense. It needs to be nurtured and developed in baby steps. A lot of damage can be done when that is not the case... "

A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes

Naming And Shaming Mental Health Stigmas - Lucy Nichol

"Do we still conjure up, in our minds, stereotypical images of mentally ill people, of those who appear to have an edge to their madness?"

Today, Just Like Yesterday

Defying Dysthymia One Challenge at a Time - Richard Kirby

"Dysthymia will never go away … but it doesn’t have to stop you finding the strength to fight back."

Walk A Mile

Tales of a Wandering Loon
- Chris Young

"I walked around the edge of the UK without spending any money and relying on the kindness of strangers. Read my story to see how it went!"

Life After Care

From Lost Cause to MBE
- Mark Edwards

"Someone once told me that I'd amount to nothing in my life, I was determined to prove them wrong so here's the story of how I overcame my problems."

Shiny Happy Person

Finding the Sun Between Clouds of Depression - Terri Cox

"I knew that somewhere beneath the surface, that Shiny Happy Terri still existed - the girl I was before my nervous breakdown."

Searching For Brighter Days

Learning to Manage my Bipolar Brain - Karen Manton

"Who knew my obsession with an Irish pop star and my Jesus delusions were down to my bipolar disorder? Read my book to see how I learned to deal with my condition."

Stand Tall Little Girl

Facing Up to Anorexia - Hope Virgo

"Hi, I'm Hope and here's the story of my battle with anorexia. It nearly destroyed my life, but then I found the courage and inspiration to fight."

Breakdown and Repair

A Father's Tale of Stress and Success - Mark Simmonds

Liar Laurie

Breaking the Silence on Sexual Assault - Laurie Katz

The Mad Traveller

Experiences with Dissociative Fugue - Imogen Groome

Released UK: 5th Feb 2019
Released US: 26th Mar 2019


Overcoming Postpartum Psychosis - Jen S. Wight

Released UK: 21st Mar 2019

Released US: 14th May 2019

Barber Talk

Taking Pride in Men's Mental Health - Tom Chapman

Released UK: 28th Mar 2019
Released US: 30th Apr 2019

Coming soon


Discovering Mental Wealth - Paul Scates

Released UK: 14th May 2019
Released US: 18th June 2019

Out of My Mind

Alex Staniforth

Released UK: 5th June 2019
Released US: 9th July 2019

Love, Interrupted

Navigating Grief One Day at a Time - Simon Thomas

Released UK: 15th June 2019
Released US: June 2019

When the Bough Breaks

The Pursuit of Motherhood - Ali Sanders

Released UK: 4th July 2019
Released US: 6th Aug 2019

Square Peg

Sticking It to Social Norms - Emma Eker

Released UK: 14th Aug 2019
Released US: 10th Sep 2019

Lost Boy Found

Redrawing the Lines of my Life - Andrew Puccetti

Released UK: 16th Aug 2019
Released US: 17th Sep 2019

The Pursuit of Fame

Surviving the Stage and the Spotlight - Kyley Winfield

Released UK: 21st Nov 2019
Released US: January 2020

Life on High Alert

Confronting PTSD - Hannah Rainey

Released UK: 15th Oct 2019
Released US: 12th Nov 2019

Love and Other Gods

Michael Nangla

Released UK: 24th Oct 2019
Released US: 26th Nov 2019

Be Your Own Light

Stepping Out of the Shadows of Mental Illness - Eleanor Segall

Released UK: 5th Nov 2019
Released US: 28th Nov 2019

Life at Arm's Length

Breaking Free of Social Anxiety - James Cavell

Released UK: 9th May 2020
Released US: 11th June 2020