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Pullingthetrigger® - OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Related Depression. The Definitive Survival and Recovery Approach.

From the heart and soul of lifelong mental health sufferer; Adam Shaw, combined with the expert mind of the talented and leading psychologist; Lauren Callaghan, this book is cohesively divided into two helpful parts.

In Part One we follow Adam’s desperate lifelong struggle with OCD, anxiety, panic attacks and related depression, leading him to the brink of suicide. We witness his journey of painful despair from a young man which never really understood the illness tormenting his soul and mind, to Lauren coming into his life and changing his world forever. Sufferers with any type of mental health condition will identify with Adam’s suffering and the daily struggles of his condition. Lauren’s wisdom, expertise and compassionate approach to leading Adam to recovery is captured perfectly as she provides valuable insight on why and how he struggled with his condition and what needed to be done to ensure his path to recovery and beyond.

Part Two is Pullingthetrigger, the definitive survival and recovery approach for OCD, anxiety, panic attacks and related depression. This is a unique, user-friendly self-help approach to support and guide mild, moderate and severe sufferers to a place called recovery and beyond.