Who we are

In 2016, The Shaw Mind Foundation set up Trigger, a global trade publishing house devoted to opening conversations about mental health. We tell the stories of people who have suffered from mental illnesses and recovered, so that others may learn from them.

We work with established authors, as well as new authors, so if you have a story to tell, we would love to hear it. Send us your manuscript.

Why are we called Trigger

In our first book, Adam Shaw, founder of The Shaw Mind Foundation, spoke about his experience of living with OCD, anxiety, and panic attacks. For years, he avoided the things that would trigger his mental health issues. However, after meeting co-author and renowned psychologist Dr Lauren Callaghan, everything changed. Lauren encouraged Adam to not hide away from the things he feared but, rather, to face them. To pull the trigger on them.

And that’s why we’re called Trigger.

Our Imprints

Trigger is new, but growing fast. Currently, we have two series: PullingTheTrigger and the InspirationalSeries. Our fiction imprint is now in development.


Our user-friendly recovery and support books help sufferers recover from mental health issues. PullingTheTrigger (PTT) promotes an innovative style of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) with a compassion-focused approach. The PTT series encourages sufferers to face their ‘trigger situations’ so that they can learn to accept their mental illness, embrace it, and ultimately control it.

Each book is written by a former mental health sufferer and their clinical psychologist. The books are divided into two parts. Part 1 tells the sufferer’s own story, supplemented by commentary from their clinical psychologist. Part 2 provides an easy-to-follow blueprint for recovery.


The Inspirational Series tells the real-life stories of people who have suffered with mental illness, but have overcome their adversity to live fulfilling lives. We work with new and established authors to tell all kinds of different stories. The one thing they all have common is the ability to inspire.

We tell stories that provide hope and encouragement. Some of these stories go to some very dark places, but they all capture a remarkable spirit of triumph against adversity. Our Inspirational Series authors have faced their mental illnesses head on, and gone on to live truly inspirational lives.


We’re seeking bold, creative and innovative submissions. Impress us with your visions, your ideas, and your desire to tell a story no one else can tell.

We’re not looking for fictionalised accounts of your life. We’d much rather tell your actual story in our Inspirational range.

Your story should still be about mental health issues in some way, no matter how obliquely. Indeed, one of our clinical psychologists will oversee every novel we publish to ensure that it presents a balanced view of any issues being discussed, referenced or alluded to.


Proceeds from all Trigger books go directly to The Shaw Mind Foundation, a global charity that focuses entirely on mental health.

The Shaw Mind Foundation was set up by Adam Shaw in order to open conversations around the globe to support sufferers. It is the parent organisation to Trigger, and a large proportion of the proceeds from the books published go to it. To find out more about The Shaw Mind Foundation, click here.

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