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A Christmas Hope

When we think of Christmas we think of food, alcohol, Christmas parties … all the things that most people get…

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A Wonderful Life

… Isn’t that what we’re are all looking for, especially at this time of year? We all want to experience…

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The journey a book goes through

If you’re not involved in the process of publishing a book, whether that be from the side of the author…

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The different roles in publishing

To those outside of the industry, publishing can often seem rather daunting. To some, it might only appear to be…

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Should you write fiction or non-fiction?

Here at Trigger Press, we publish both non-fiction and fiction books. The choice between the two can sometimes be very…

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Your writing style

There is a tendency for new writers to think that they have to try their hardest at sounding poetic or…

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How to construct a non-fiction book

Writing a book can be difficult. It’s hard to know where to place certain scenes, what is important enough to…

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How to construct a fictional book

One of the bigger problems that comes with writing a book is that of structure. Writers are constantly battling with…

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How to start a book

The blank page stares at you, the cursor flashing, and you don’t know where to begin. You have an idea…

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